one more paper..

long time no update 😀

yeahhh can’t wait for comebacks~!!

first f(x) is comfirmed to comeback on 4th which is so perfect since it’s after my last paper ^^

Super Junior? i’m not quite sure when but some said it was on 4th mmm dunno..

btw, i’m addicted to Run Devil Run! although i’m not a Sone, but is different from their previous songs 😀 even have their mv in my hp keke

twitter? woww now officially 7 members of SuJu has twitter.. start with shindong, donghae, sungmin, siwon, heechul, teukkie, henry..hope they’ll learn english so that international elfs would know what they were saying hahaha basicly they love to say good night, good morning, i love you haha nevermind, what i t is ELFs still love them..

seriously miss them since there’s not that much subbing for suju’s video..SJSUBS! i hope they will be active again for this comeback kekeke hwaiting! ^^

Oh! My Lady!.. i’ve watch till e7 only.. wanna watch it badly..aishh wait till exam is over, wait for WITHS2 to finish subbing them 😛

yesung’s song It Has To Be You got #4 in Music Back! haha congrats oppa! hihi love his voice, perfect for that song..


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