haha i know its kinda late to review the concert last saturday, 20 March 2010 hehe
anyway, the fever is not over yet.. its been 4 days..

the concert was a blast, everyone knows that ^^

i just regret that during its you, i was so into recording it, and didn’t enjoy the performance, later after the song ended,  i press the record/stop button and realize my camera just started to record waaaaaa damn~!!!

it happened a couple times too, then i gave up and hand the camera to my sister……huhu

during Shining Star, we turn off the blue lightstick  and turn on the white LED, i didn’t realize we can stick it to the fingers, i just held it normally hehe my sisters said that they keep on pressing it and didn’t know it only need to be push to turn it on haha

teukie and hae cried during Shining Star, and i heard siwon and hyuk cried too.. the camera mainly focus on teukie and i saw a fancam yesung laughed at teuk haha here (credit to angelineheart)

during *can’t remember what song*, kyu magnae was totally cute.. he was standing at the platform near us and cover one of his eyes (due to the strong spotlight) to wave the fans upper deck, where i was sitting, he was at my 2 o’clock.. he waves several times at us, caused the fans went crazy and screaming haha

forgot to mention the 2 boys who was sitting at my right.. they just sit and took pic/recording during the whole 3 hours.. i was like, you spent rm230+ just to sit?! haha don’t mind about them…. i was screaming, waving like crazy with my sisters haha i can’t count how many times the lightstick hit the boy haha i don’t care! 😛

when the boys saying goodbyes and walk+waving at the fans, i noticed only kyuhyun and ryeowook look at the upper deck and waves at the fans.. oh well, nothing can be done here hehe

so, the show ended and the street was jammed.. my sister turn on the lightsticks and put them on the dashboard, a car beside us was a staff (maybe, since he’s holding a walkie talkie), he pointed a laser at us.. we were like whats his problem hehe my sis was hesitated to ask him about Suju 😛 since he’s a staff….

later at a junction, in a car, a lady (older) sitting at the co-pilot, and maybe with her family was playing with the lightstick. we wave the lightstick at them and they were very excited and wave back at us haha ^^

20 march was an exciting memories to us malaysian elfs and other that attend the show..

Super Junior,  you are welcome to come again here, hopefully that time complete with 13+5 (^^,)


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